Our organization

SKAN Performance Management is a driven training and consultancy organization, founded in 1986, with training, coaching and consultancy as our field of activity.

The structure of our team enables the development of a flexible made-to-order approach, in close collaboration with the client-partner. To that end, project teams are put together for each assignment: we support the project with specific and complementary competencies to achieve lasting results for every project that is entrusted to us.

Dedication and commitment, continuous development of competencies within our team and the close collaboration with external ad hoc competencies, ensures the flexibility, the professionalism and the quality of our service.

We are dedicated to your growth and we strive to stimulate, incite, applaud and renew this process through a sound partnership.

Our fixed team

Sven Baekelandt

Elke Persyn

Hannah Noëth

Christina Van Thielen



Our mission

What we stand for …

  • Developing a long term relationship with client-partners, whose values we share and for whose projects we deliver a surplus value, 
  • based on the knowledge of their business and on mutual trust,  
  • while transferring competencies 
  • through consultancy, training & coaching, 
  • and only within the domains we master professionally.

Our vision

What we do

We walk on the road to growth, with the intense ambition to

  • strive pro-actively for innovative training methods and didactic approaches
  • ensure an above market ROT (return on training) for each assignment
  • lift the endurance of each intervention to a higher level by a solid path approach
  • translate every effort in measurable results
  • be an entrepreneur with a corporate social responsibility
  • actively care for the development of competencies of the internal staff members

SKAN Performance Management is Q*for certified

In 2017 we were Qfor* certified for the fifth time.

‘Clients mention the experience-based and hands-on approach as crucial positive characteristics. The content of the training is also evaluated as very good, due to the rapport with the target group and the goals of the organization. SKAN is described as a professional, client-focused and reliable organization with pro-activity, a nice team, a positive return on investment, versatility and flexibility as their most important strengths’.