Our activities are situated in the field of made-to-order training, coaching and consultancy.

Hereafter you can explore what we can offer you. Because this overview is not exhaustive and we approach every question as made-to-order, we recommend that you contact us directly with your request.


​Our training offer contains five large domains and is based on a strong core of powerful concepts that have repeatedly proved their value and effectiveness.

This knowledge enables a seamless fit between the needs of the organization, the target group and the participant, by actively exploiting the strong points of each mindset.

  • Skan - Training  Leadership skills

    Roles and skills in order to lead, manage and coach your team members successfully.

    ·         Coaching

    ·         Conducting job evaluation interviews

    ·         Intercultural management

    ·         Leadership

    ·         Leadership without hierarchical autonomy

    ·         Motivating and inspiring

    ·         Delegating

    ·         Project management

    ·         Leading a team

    ·         Conducting absenteeism interviews

    ·         Leading virtual teams

  • Skan - Training  Interpersonal skills

    Skills in order to create constructive social relationships and easy collaboration with others

    ·         Assertiveness

    ·         Influencing and convincing

    ·         Conflict handling

    ·         Efficient communication

    ·         Emotional intelligence

    ·         Conversation techniques

    ·         Nonverbal communication

    ·         Negotiation skills

    ·         Telephone communication

    ·         Meeting skills

    ·         Functioning effectively in a team

  • Skan - Training  Organizational skills

    Everything you need to create support for your organization and optimize its functioning.

    ·         Change management

    ·         Competence management

    ·         Writing and reporting efficiently

    ·         Meeting skills

    ·         Making clear decisions

    ·         Mentoring within the organization

    ·         Taking minutes at meetings

    ·         Dealing with absenteeism

    ·         Dealing with bullying at work

    ·         Stress and pressure management

    ·         Personal efficiency

    ·         Project management

    ·         Recruiting and selection

    ·         Time and priority management

    ·         Self steering teams

  • Skan - Training  Commercial skills

    Skills that contribute to a constructive and pro-active partnership with your clients.

    ·         Commercial negotiation skills

    ·         Effective selling

    ·         Key account management

    ·         Handling complaints

    ·         Creating loyalty

    ·         Customer centricity

    ·         Writing customer-centered

    ·         Marketing

    ·         Networking

  • Skan - Training  Added value

    Skills that improve your expertise in your job, in your team and in your organization.

    ·         Appreciative inquiry

    ·         Creative problem solving

    ·         Email and netiquette

    ·         Mind mapping

    ·         Dealing with aggression

    ·         Presentation skills

    ·         Use of voice and elocution

    ·         Writing technical texts

    ·         Train the trainer