Our activities are situated in the field of made-to-order training, coaching and consultancy.

Hereafter you can explore what we can offer you. Because this overview is not exhaustive and we approach every question as made-to-order, we recommend that you contact us directly with your request.


​Our training offer contains five large domains and is based on a strong core of powerful concepts that have repeatedly proved their value and effectiveness.

This knowledge enables a seamless fit between the needs of the organization, the target group and the participant, by actively exploiting the strong points of each mindset.

  • Skills that improve your expertise in your job, in your team and in your organization.

    ·         Appreciative inquiry

    ·         Creative problem solving

    ·         Email and netiquette

    ·         Mind mapping

    ·         Dealing with aggression

    ·         Presentation skills

    ·         Use of voice and elocution

    ·         Writing technical texts

    ·         Train the trainer

  • Skills that contribute to a constructive and pro-active partnership with your clients.

    ·         Commercial negotiation skills

    ·         Effective selling

    ·         Key account management

    ·         Handling complaints

    ·         Creating loyalty

    ·         Customer centricity

    ·         Writing customer-centered

    ·         Marketing

    ·         Networking

  • Skills in order to create constructive social relationships and easy collaboration with others

    ·         Assertiveness

    ·         Influencing and convincing

    ·         Conflict handling

    ·         Efficient communication

    ·         Emotional intelligence

    ·         Conversation techniques

    ·         Nonverbal communication

    ·         Negotiation skills

    ·         Telephone communication

    ·         Meeting skills

    ·         Functioning effectively in a team

  • Everything you need to create support for your organization and optimize its functioning.

    ·         Change management

    ·         Competence management

    ·         Writing and reporting efficiently

    ·         Meeting skills

    ·         Making clear decisions

    ·         Mentoring within the organization

    ·         Taking minutes at meetings

    ·         Dealing with absenteeism

    ·         Dealing with bullying at work

    ·         Stress and pressure management

    ·         Personal efficiency

    ·         Project management

    ·         Recruiting and selection

    ·         Time and priority management

    ·         Self steering teams

  • Roles and skills in order to lead, manage and coach your team members successfully.

    ·         Coaching

    ·         Conducting job evaluation interviews

    ·         Intercultural management

    ·         Leadership

    ·         Leadership without hierarchical autonomy

    ·         Motivating and inspiring

    ·         Delegating

    ·         Project management

    ·         Leading a team

    ·         Conducting absenteeism interviews

    ·         Leading virtual teams


In our coaching we offer a result-oriented approach of personal guidance which acts as a catalyst in the development of the individual and of which the organization and the professional environment of the coachee receives the benefits.

  • Discussing the ‘as is’ situation of the coachee and explanation of the approach.

  • Agreement between coach and coachee on objectives and approach.

  • ​Deciding how the goals can be achieved.

  • Working actively towards the objectives.

  • Evaluation of the achieved result and anchoring in the performance.

The underlying approach of our coaching vision is situated in the mindset of ‘Appreciative Inquiry’(by David L. Cooperrider). The basic principle of ‘AppreciativeInquiry’ assumes that focusing on our own strengths and defining clearly the ‘to be’ situation, triggers a positive energy which enables the coachee to achieve his/her personal goals. Adults develop based on successes

If a certain type of behavior in the past yielded a certain result, the odds are that this type of behavior will manifest itself again in the future.These ‘success behaviors’ build up a ‘toolkit for survival’ on which we can rely in difficult circumstances. 

The focus is shifting 

  • from problem to perspective, 
  • from denial and complaint to taking responsibility, 
This will lead to the creativity, the commitment and the actions needed to realize the change successfully.


Starting from a strong recognition of the actual and past achievements of your organization, we actively discover new paths inall your questions concerning organizational development.

Our solution-focused consultancy offer is situated within 3 domains. Having problems finding what you are looking for?

Contact us; it is your question that guides us …

  • ​​​​Based on a strategy-driven approach and building further on the principles of the learning organization, we support you in your growth to an even more effective organization.

    ·         Change tracks

    ·         Cultural shift &strategy maps

    ·         Mission &vision

    ·         Defining strategy

    ·         Balanced score cards

    ·         Project management

    ·         Managing diversity

  • 'Organizations don’t change – people do’. Starting from this assumption we would like to support you in the development of your HRM systems & processes.

    ·         Talent management

    ·         Competence management

    ·         Performance management

    ·         Evaluation cycle

    ·         360° feedback

    ·         Job profiles

    ·         Development training plan

    ·         Policy on absenteeism

    ·         Knowledge retention

    ·         Recruitment and selection

    ·         Conflict mediation

  • Appreciating success and searching for new possibilities is based on a valid and reliable analysis of the ‘as is’ situation of your organization.

    SKAN works with the necessary scientific substantiated tools to map your organization.

    ·         Climate & culture research

    ·         Customer satisfaction

    ·         Mystery research

    ·         Assessment center

    ·         Measuring effectiveness

    ·         Personality analysis