Our activities are situated in the field of made-to-order training, coaching and consultancy.

Hereafter you can explore what we can offer you. Because this overview is not exhaustive and we approach every question as made-to-order, we recommend that you contact us directly with your request.


Starting from a strong recognition of the actual and past achievements of your organization, we actively discover new paths inall your questions concerning organizational development.

Our solution-focused consultancy offer is situated within 3 domains. Having problems finding what you are looking for?

Contact us; it is your question that guides us …

  • Skan - Training  Organizational effectiveness

    ​​​​Based on a strategy-driven approach and building further on the principles of the learning organization, we support you in your growth to an even more effective organization.

    ·         Change tracks

    ·         Cultural shift &strategy maps

    ·         Mission &vision

    ·         Defining strategy

    ·         Balanced score cards

    ·         Project management

    ·         Managing diversity

  • Skan - Training  Human Resources

    'Organizations don’t change – people do’. Starting from this assumption we would like to support you in the development of your HRM systems & processes.

    ·         Talent management

    ·         Competence management

    ·         Performance management

    ·         Evaluation cycle

    ·         360° feedback

    ·         Job profiles

    ·         Development training plan

    ·         Policy on absenteeism

    ·         Knowledge retention

    ·         Recruitment and selection

    ·         Conflict mediation

  • Skan - Training  Research

    Appreciating success and searching for new possibilities is based on a valid and reliable analysis of the ‘as is’ situation of your organization.

    SKAN works with the necessary scientific substantiated tools to map your organization.

    ·         Climate & culture research

    ·         Customer satisfaction

    ·         Mystery research

    ·         Assessment center

    ·         Measuring effectiveness

    ·         Personality analysis