​Approach Tools

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


  • Approaching humans as communicating and conscious beings
  • Awareness of how we use language to give meaning to our subjective experience
  • Collection of thinking models and communicative techniques to understand and possibly change thoughts, feelings and behaviours


  • Work with your senses, thoughts and feelings to become aware of these influences
  • Focus on body language, language use and conscious and unconscious ways of communicating
  • Interactive process with different phases:
    • Build rapport
    • Collect information about a problem and desired goals
    • Approach to facilitate desired changes with instruments and techniques


  • Toolbox with powerful models and techniques
  • Answers the question HOW you can do things differently
  • Ready-made action plans to make changes or gain understanding
  • Learn to see new solutions


  • Motivation and corporate training
  • Work with yourself and others
  • Strong approach to improve your own life and that of others


  • New skills to coach yourself and others with results
  • Emotion control
  • Communicate with more impact and improve your persuasiveness
  • Focus on goal-orientated action driven by inspiration and more motivation