​Approach Tools

Life Styles Inventory (LSI)


  • Scientifically based self-assessment tool
  • Answers the question “Who am I and what makes me function this way?”
  • Identify your thinking and behavioural styles


  • Questionnaire consists of 240 items
  • Duration is 20 minutes


  • Score of 12 key thinking patterns or styles in a circular graph with 3 main styles:
    • Constructive (blue)
    • Passive/defensive (green)
    • Aggressive/defensive (red)
  • Visual profile of rather effective or ineffective performance


  • Compose your personal development plan with the manual for self-development
  • Opportunity for 360° feedback: discover blind spots (what we can’t see), hidden strengths (that we haven’t been able to see?), things we struggle with (obstacles)


  • Quantitative measure of strengths and improvement points
  • Scientifically based and validated instrument
  • Applied by over one million managers and professionals worldwide for 40 years