DiSC model


  • Tool to analyse personality
  • Group people in four personality profiles:
    • D: Dynamic , Direct, Dominating
    • I: Inspiring, Interactive, Influential
    • S: Stable, Support giving, Social
    • C: Correct, Conscientious , Calculating
  • Profound understanding in your own personality style
  • Facilitate discussion about different behaviors in understandable language


  • Questionnaire of 48 statements
  • Duration is 15 minutes


  • Personalized report of 20 pages
  • Easy visual presentation of the DiSC circle model


  • Maps preferred behaviors, talents and communication
  • Applicable to individuals, teams and organizations
  • Helps to improve productivity, team work and communication at work


  • Clear and easy analysing tool used by more than 40 million people
  • High scientific validity and reliability score approximately 90%