Audi Brussels

Gruppenarbeit @Audi Brussels

A learning trajectory that combines hard and soft skills and where all layers of the hierarchy are involved and supported in the realization of this change trajectory within the production location of Audi Brussels. (principal target group +- 18 GS groups during 20 days)

The Gruppensprecher of each team of Audi Brussels functions as the eyes and ears of the team and is responsible for the right working of his team organizationally as well as concerning the delivered work. Which processes do I have to consider? How do I tackle a problem? Can I manage a conflict at the workplace? Important questions where Audi wants to pay attention to and support the Gruppensprecher in taking up this task.

Since 2009 a trajectory was developed and implement together with SKAN where the Gruppensprecher and their hierarchy were guided in on the one hand understanding the added value of the change and on the other hand trained in their new role as “captain” of the team. The self-guidance of the teams were supported by strengthening the competences of the GS but also by engaging their immediate managers in this process. There are still training initiatives offered regarding Gruppenarbeid in the scope of continuous improvement and reinforcing what was learned.

We work for different themes together with Skan. We developed together with them this trajectory for Gruppensprecher. We have received very positive feedback of the participants about that. Especially the combination of learning the processes and immediate followed by acquiring the corresponding soft skills, has an enormous added value. We adjust the trajectory on a regular basis to satisfy the needs of all the involved parties and this goes very smoothly.

Sylvia Dekeyzer, Personnel development Audi Brussels